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Plant Info & Care

Pet Friendly Yes

Safe for dogs and cats.

Care Level Easy

Super easy to care for and perfect for beginners.

Light High

Enjoys bright, indirect sunlight.

Water Low

Water when the soil begins to dry out, but do not oversaturate.

Humidity Moderate

Enjoys humidity. Spritz occasionally.

Air Quality Great

This plant is great at keeping the air in your space clean!

Plant Bio

Guzmania Bromeliads are exotic plants that add significant intrigue, color and beauty to your Green Space. They make for excellent gifts and look beautiful in the home and office! 

This Guzmania Bromeliad Collection includes three 4" guzmania bromeliads planted in an 8" ceramic white pot.  Colors will vary depending on availability.


Most species come from South America.

Fun Facts

The Guzman genus named after Anastasio Guzman, a Spanish pharmacist and naturalist who died in 1807. The genus has long, slender evergreen leaves that are topped by a single brilliant inflorescence of tongue-like petals. The bloom will be deep red, maroon, orange, pink, or yellow – or even some combination thereof. The Neoregelia’s genus was named by Eduard August von Regal, Director of St. Petersburg Botanic Gardens in Russia (1815 – 1892). Regal described and named over 3,000 plant species. The Neoregelia genus have broad, mostly flat leaves and are grown primarily for their multi-colored foliage. The foliage is generally branded or striped, and in the center are brightly colored shades of red, yellow, pink or orange.

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