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Plant Info & Care

Pet Friendly Yes

Safe for humans, pets, cats and dogs.

Care Level Easy

Super easy to care for and perfect for beginners.

Light Moderate

Medium to bright indirect light. Never direct sunlight.

Water Low

Enjoys being on the moist, but not soggy side.

Humidity Moderate

Enjoys high humidity. Spritz occasionally.

Air Quality Great

This plant is great at keeping the air in your space clean!

Plant Bio

Assorted tropicals hand selected from our nursery and planted in a beautiful ceramic white pot.  Featured plant: Guzmania Bromeliad.  Bromeliads are a great way to bring bright pops of color inside.


Grown in the USA. Native to South America.

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Plant Care for All Levels

Taking care of plants is easier than you think, trust us. Lively Root has put together a series of quick how-tos and informative posts on signs of over and under watering, repotting your plants, removing unwanted insects, and much more.

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